With constantly groving market and development of new techologies professional maintenance of machines is a necessity for many business entities.

We offer a full range of maintenance services.

  • Major overhauls of engines,
  • Gearbox repairs,
  • Repairs of hydraulic tractor lifts,
  • Repairs of fuel systems,
  • Repairs of alternators, generators and starters,
  • Repairs of electrical installations of tractors and machines,
  • Repairs of portal axles and front suspension ,
  • Repairs of air conditioning systems,
  • Assortment of lubrication oils.

We perform services at our company's premises, at the customer's site (mobile service) and at the current workplace of a particular agricultural machine, depending on the type of job.

Members of our service team have more that 40 years of experience in the field of tractor and agricultural machinery repairs. In the last 10 years they got especially specialized in Massey Ferguson and Fendt tractors.

Apart from knowledge and skills, appropriate tools are essential to properly execute a repair.

We have diagnostic equipment and specialized tools dedicated to specific machines and components.

If its service you require give us a call.

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