Our Expertise

Consulting during sale/purchase of tractors and agricultural machinery

As a part of out expertise we offer consulting during purchase and sale transactions for tractors and agricultural machinery.

The goal of our experts is providing modern and practical solutions that respond to the specific needs of the sector.

Valuation and verification of machines’ technical condition is a part of support we can provide you with during execution of a sale or purchase transaction.


We offer professional appraisal services concerning vehicle pricing, technical state or extent of damage evaluations and determination of repair costs.

Determining technical condition of the vehicle

We create a description of technical condition of a vehicle based on observation, measurements and, if possible, a test drive. Thanks to that we can evaluate the technical condition of the vehicle and check the extent of damage as well as find its causes. It is useful for the cause of checking the degree of the wear and tear of a car and to discover the causes of damage or technical breakdown.

Determining the market value of a vehicle

We determine the market value of a vehicle using catalogues and software, preferably right after evaluating the technical state through its examination and observation.
Thanks to the coating thickness tester we are able to determine the range and quality of varnish repairs and their impact on the value of the vehicle.
It is also possible to determine vehicle's value on the basis of the technical documentation submitted to us in judicial or insurance files.

Determination of technical and identification data of the vehicle

We establish or verify technical aspects of the vehicle based on analysis of its characteristics in the light of the manufacturer's data. We are able to determine the actual year of vehicle production.

Determining the extent of post-accident damage and costs of repair

With accurate photographic documentation covering all damage and deformations caused by a collision or accident, we can identify items that need repair or replacement. With the use of appropriate computer programs we calculate the cost of restoring the vehicle to working order, which may be the basis of cooperation with a workshop, or determining the amount of compensation.

Determining the quality of previous repairs

We examine the compatibility of previously executed repairs with the actual state of the vehicle. Detection of nonconformity can protect the vehicle user against losses caused by unreliable repairs.

Valuation of machinery and equipment

We execute valuations of technical measures related to all kind of machinery and devices.

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